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Snow and Sinks

Well, I’m sick of talking about snow so let’s move on.


Never in a million years did I expect sinks to give me panic attacks.

Scott’s brilliant idea to have a newspaper interview us. Wait a minute, no…2 newspapers interview us prompted a friendly call from our county food inspector. Sir if you read this, in no way is it meant to be offensive to you. We both understand you are doing your job. Clearly you are doing it well since we now have 5 sinks, yes 5 sinks in the barn/winery (Scott keeps calling it the winery, I think it still looks like a barn). Kudos to you sir because most people don’t do their job well and it’s usually frustrating when they don’t. In this case, it’s been a little frustrating because you DO. There have been countless emails and phone calls between Scott and this diligent food inspector. He is very detailed. Which he should be. He is doing a great job.

We now have
1. A 3 compartment stainless steel sink with 2 things on the sides that I can’t remember what he called them but they were imperative. (That in my mind counts as 3 sinks)

2. A handwashing sink. Being a nurse/germaphobe I really can’t argue with this one. Handwashing is the “most effective way to prevent transmission of communicable disease”.

It really is, I’m not kidding. I’m happy to also abide by the requirement that we educate our volunteers about proper handwashing procedures and post a hard copy near said sink. Trust me Mr. Food Inspector, I’m a pro. If any germs, bugs, dust, unpurified air or someone even sneezes near my delicious Marquette someone’s going to pay.

3. A mop sink. The only problem with this one is now I need to buy a mop. Does anyone still have a mop? I have a Swiffer, a Shark and a bucket with which I go through a lot of old cut up T-shirts as rags and scrub floors on my hands and knees with carcinogenic bleach water, but I’m pretty sure a mop would not be very sanitary. I guess we’ll dump my carcinogenic bleach water down it.

But, I will still buy a mop.

Why you ask? Because we HAVE to do all of these things in order to reach our final goal of making good wine and sharing it with our friends, family, and whomever decides they want to hop off Hwy 94 for a few minutes of good wine and good company.

We didn’t know about it, but we still have to do it.

So Bravo Mr. Food Inspector. We have met the requirements and will have 1 entire wall of our winery dedicated to the appropriate sinks.

Thank God for Craigslist and someone in Woodbury who decided they no longer wanted to make and sell cupcakes.

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