Scott Andrzejczak, MBA
Winemaker, Sommelier,
Vineyard Manager & Consultant


I am an experienced winemaker, vineyard manager and Wisconsin native. I’m interested in discussing any needs you might have for maintaining the growth and success of your vineyard and winery.

My professional experience includes assisting with the startup of Parley Lake Winery (Waconia, MN). I also started and managed my own vineyard and winery 65 Vines Winery (Roberts, WI) of which my wife is the owner, since 2013. I have consulted with various operations in the surrounding area as a part time consultant. Because of my personal background of running a successful vineyard and winery, I feel I would be a good fit to help you expand the success of your business.

My goal is to encourage clean, flawless winemaking. My own wines have won multiple awards and been a favorite for many customers in the area. I can offer expertise in all areas of the process from establishing or maintaining a new vineyard or troubleshooting an existing one. I can assist in harvesting and processing grapes, equipment purchasing, blending, bottling, labeling. I am also able to help you navigate through state and federal laws and set up spreadsheets and business/marketing plans to help you stay organized . I have multiple contacts in the industry for all of your needs (equipment, accessories, yeast, pumps, etc.). You name it, I’ve probably come across it.

I would like to help YOU be more efficient and successful because I have learned an extensive amount through my own business development and research. Why re-invent the wheel? I’m here to assist you. I’ve already been there and done it. If I don’t have an answer for you, I guarantee I can find someone who does.

I look forward to speaking to you about your plans for your business. Please call or email me at any time. I’ll be sure to return your call and discuss how I can help you attain your goals!

Tel: 651.245.3400