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This is your chance to become a vineyard parent – without the labor!

The “Marquette” vines (a popular University of Minnesota cold-hardy red wine hybrid grape variety) up for adoption are growing in the pristine Kinnickinnic River Valley. They need your love and support! They are exposed to Wisconsin’s harsh seasonal elements as they make their home in some of the most scenic countryside in Saint Croix County.

Eventually the vines will produce the delicious red grapes that go into making some of our estate wines. Adopting a Sixty-Five Vines Winery vine is the perfect opportunity to experience and share the dream of owning a vineyard with a friend, family member, business, or organization. If you are a wine enthusiast or you know one, it’s a very thoughtful and unique gift unlike any other.

Our Adopt-A-Vine Program includes:
  • A chance to personalize your very own Adopt-A-Vine Sign
  • The opportunity to visit your vine and see the growth
  • News and exclusive offers as a “Friend of 65 Vines Winery”
  • Invitations to future winery events

And with every Adopt-A-Vine Package purchased, we’ll donate $1.00 to the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust, a River Falls, Wisconsin based non-profit organization, (working to help conserve the resources we value: clean water, wildlife, recreation, natural areas, wild trout, scenic beauty, and family farms (kinniriver.org/who-we-are), so you’ll be helping protect the natural resources and beauty of the Kinnickinnic River Watershed too!

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